Monday, January 2, 2012

Writing Through Cancer

“I beg what I love/ and I leave to forgive me.” What in the years past do you want to leave behind? What do you want to retain in the coming year how will you shape the life you want out of the material of your past and present?
This is the writing prompt for the first week of January 2012.
I joined a online workshop with a writer in San Diego, CA, and this is the first prompt. Her website is called "Writing Through Cancer" When I signed onto her journal project, I was not fully aware of the impending physical situation of mine with the cells turning to tumors.
Perhaps between playing the harp with the music therapist at MGH, and writing with an unknown facilitator, I will begin a journey infused with creativity as I am infused with the drugs (once again) that will kill the cancer. (once again)


  1. I read this article again and again to know what really happened. We will pray for you. We love you and miss you. Lucy

    1. Lucy, I am so glad you are reading my blog.
      We miss you, too.