Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Turning A Corner

I haven't written on this blog since my last chemo infusion. Next ones are: Aug. 3/August 20 & the 6th one is: September 10th!
My roaring and quick witted brother, Matthew, and sister, Suzanne came out to New England to see me last weekend. I laughed a lot, and experienced great joy in having them both come see me.
Little (almost 4) Alessandro, my nephew, arrived, too. Elisha had fun with him, and he blended right into all the happy chaos at Abba's House on friday night when we gathered to hang out in the big back yard. My brother Matthew ate lobster roll sandwiches every chance he could get. It was fun to watch him taste test the different ones. I believe mine got a "very good." However, Ellen's Harborside in Rockport, MA got a "fabulous".
My summer work is coming to a close on July 31st, and I will have a whole month off before returning to the 2009/10 academic year. August is going to be a challenge-chemo-wise.
I have loved working with the ELL high school population. Everyday, on my way to work, I listen to a CD called "Bless The Broken Road". Lately, I have been dealing with some fear connected to having a cancer diagnosis, but this song reminds me who is holding my life in His hands. His perfect love casts out all of my fear (s).
"Sweet Jesus"
Sweet Jesus, my Savior
You are my faithful friend
You made me. You know me
You've seen my every sin
And my soul is amazed
By this gift of Your grace
And these arms that take me in
Sweet Jesus, my Savior
You are my faithful Friend

Sweet Jesus, my Shelter
You are my faithful Friend
The Refuge I run to
When my world comes closing in
Why should I be afraid
When I know I am saved
By the arms that take me in
Sweet Jesus, my Shelter
You are my faithful Friend

Sweet Jesus, my Shepherd
You are my faithful Friend
You hold me, You lead me
I'll follow 'til the end
And once more I will say
On that beautiful day
When Your arms take me in
Sweet Jesus, my Shepherd
You are my faithful Friend
Sweet Jesus, My Savior
You are my faithful Friend

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Chemo # 3 of 6-The long FAX continues!

I have spent the morning into afternoon getting chemo, and only about 3 more hours to go!
I am grateful to God that I am turning the corner of this step 2 process of my 5-step health plan. Once I finish chemo, I will be on a 4-step health plan for the rest of my life on earth: 1. prayer 2. exercise (I may start running!)
3. nutrition (continued heart healthy diet) 4. rest (no over extending to the brink of exhaustion).
Jamie and Elisha, my "rubies", will be picking me up at the end of this long chemo day. Jamie has been helpful to me during my time of need in very tangible ways. Elisha has been a trooper with all my side effects that affect him directly. Sometimes Mommy is just too tired to do what did formerly before my surgery and chemo. My hair loss is still an issue for him, but he is accepting, and being reminded by me that it WILL grow back. That brings him comfort.
I had a very funny moment as I was leaving for MGH this morning at 6:30. The three children were saying their goodbyes to me at the door. Joshua, age 4, Elisha, now 6,and Bertude, age 8, were giving me hugs goodbye, and Joshua, in his very loud exuberant voice, asked me if I was going to MGH hospital to "have my hair done." He said, Mary-Margaret, are you going to get your hair done today? Elisha piped in something to him about chemo, and I chuckled and said,"Josh?, what hair? I have no hair on my head to get done? He belly laughed at my comment and thought that was pretty funny. The household humor keeps me laughing, and laughing is a type of medicine for my body, soul and heart. My younger sister and brother's arrival next week for a long weekend visit should prove to be filled with laughter. Both of their sharp wits and tongues never cease to amaze me and tickle my funny bone.
So, the beat goes on....signing off, but connected through thoughts and prayers.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Elisha, Megan & Jamie

Elisha came back to New England with his older cousin Megan. (She is a nursing student in Ohio!) I am so grateful to all of the help in getting Elisha to and from places. Jamie (big brother) helped us show Megan slices of New England: Massachusetts General Hospital: The Healing Garden, Museum of Science, Charles River, MBTA, Kelly's Roast Beef, a lobster roll sandwich, Pigeon Cove Harbor & the trek around Cape Ann. Megan took a picture of the banner that Jamie and Elisha made me on the first chemo infusion I experienced back on May 28th. It is located near the entrance of The Healing Garden. (an amazing place overlooking the Charles River with orchids, trees, benches & fountains in such a peaceful atmosphere) For me, I reflect upon my hand made banner with this thought: Jesus Christ is the boss over my cancer. Ultimately it is He that has authority and power to eradicate my cancer cells through His presence in my life, the doctors, & the 5-step health plan I am on.
I am fast approaching my third infusion of the chemo drugs and that means I am half-way there to a completed regime!