Friday, May 14, 2010

Keeping Up With Blogging

Well, I just reread my January 1 posting, and realize it is now Spring-May 14th to be exact, and my desire to blog a lot in this new year was postponed by many events.
I am still journeying on a cancer free life...
My young son, teaching career, treatments, and everyday living keep me so busy.
Taking the time to write on a blog just isn't happening...
I live life a day at a time now.
I am feeling the side effects daily from the study drug, but feel soooooooooo much better the further away I get from the last heavy artillery chemo treatment of this past September.
I am continuing on the 5-step health plan, but it has become the 4 -step and it continues to be:
1. prayer
2. nutrition
3. exercise
4. rest
I need to be more disciplined about the exercise, but it's progress-not perfection!
I well up with gratitude towards God for saving my life and for my hair.
It's back, and I now wear a sassy short "do". It's the new me, and I love it.