Thursday, September 17, 2009

#6 Chemo Treatment may have an extension...

I went to my 6th chemo treatment a bit worn down-maybe I am fighting the fall colds that are in the air...
My appointment with my beloved (and I do mean that) chemo doctor-Carolyn Kranser went well-with the hitch-she may have to make the hard decision to give me two more treatments-this all is based on my September 30th c-scan. I cried the last of my eyelashes down my cheeks as she shared that possibility with me.
Who wants more chemo? "I do! I do!"-not...However, I do want longevity-so it is a no brainer if my chemo doc is suggesting two more.
God will help me work through all of it. I trust Him completely. I trust Dr. C.
Please pray for Elisha and I (Jamie, too).